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Victoria Secret model Adrian Lima maintains curves with intense boxing exercises

 You wouldn't want to mess with Victoria's Secret beauty Adriana Lima.


The super sexy Brazilian mother-of-two is an avid boxer and was seen getting put through her paces at a Miami, Florida gym by her trainer recently.


The 31-year-old bombshell loves to bang some serious leather inside the ropes, keeping herself in tip-top condition in the process.


And there were no lashings of make-up, hair extensions or skimpy lingerie on display as Adriana practised with her no nonsense trainer.


Wearing all black gear and sporting large leather boxing gloves, the pin-up beauty Adriana was photographed pounding away at her trainer's target glove.


The raven-haired beauty had a ball and was seen smiling through most of her workout.


With her hair pulled back in a pony-tail, the Victoria's Secret stunner meant business.


The blue-eyed beauty had certainly worked up a sweat by the end of her workout, but still looked picture perfect and glowing.


Married Adriana has credited boxing for getting her runway ready when she was given the arduous task of returning to the VS catwalk last year just eight weeks after her daughter Sienna was born in September 2012.


Joining forces with professional boxer Michael Olajide, who co-founded the AeroSpace fitness studio in New York, she revealed that she worked out an astonishing six hours a day in five weeks before the show.


Adriana said that when she discovered boxing, she knew it was the right exercise for her.


'I discovered boxing, accepting that it is great for the body, wonderful for the mind and it give you the best shape ever,' she said. 'It is a challenge, I love a challenge.'


And boxer Michael was clearly impressed with Adriana's dedication to the sport.


A professional boxer by trade, Michael said he was blindsided by Adriana's desire to ping back into shape for last year's show.


'Adriana has the mind of a fighter. She's extremely competitive, she always likes to be at the best of her game,' he said in the joint interview.


Source, Daily Mail, Cliff Renfrew


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